Nightscapes and Outdoor Lighting Systems

Outdoor lighting brings an added beauty to your home after the sun sets, your home becomes illuminated giving a warm welcoming feel. Let Pennella's add a complete outdoor lighting system to your home! Outdoor lighting systems don't just light up your home at night, they bring your home ALIVE!

Pennella's Landscape has the knowledge and experience to install a complete outdoor lighting system for your home, not only do we know the correct placement of how lights should be angled, but we don't "over do it". Lighting should be subtle and not bothersome to the eye. That's why Pennella's Nightscapes division is the right choice for the job! We have been installing outdoor lighting systems for our clients for over 25 years.

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation in Morris County, NJ

One of the recent trends in Morris County landscaping is outdoor lighting. Not only are residential outdoor lighting systems an intelligent investment but these systems can instantly improve a home's curb appeal. With a professionally installed and maintained lighting system by Pennella's Landscape Designs, your home will instantly become the talk of the neighborhood. Your home will become the model for home to improve the look and feel of a home with a few subtle enhancements.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Benefits

There are many benefits to adding outdoor lighting to a home in Northern New Jersey. Here is a list, of a few benefits a homeowner might expect to experience once they complete a outdoor lighting installation:


Illuminating outdoor areas cuts down or eliminates places to hide. Anyone wanting to create mischief is dissuaded from doing so. Lighting is one of, or maybe the best way, to secure your outside areas.


After the sun goes down it’s often too dark to navigate. Lighting up the area makes it safe for everyone to move around. The safety of family, friends and guests is of prime importance at all times at your home.


More of a yard can be used after it’s lit up. Decks, patios and other areas can be used as much after dark as when the sun is up.


Lighting can be used to accentuate the architecture of your home. Showcase that special object in the yard with expertly-placed lighting while setting apart your home from your neighbors.

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